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Are you tired of keeping your boat at the marina? Well, Decks of America has you covered!
We take great pride in constructing a beautiful and safe dock for you and your family to enjoy on those hot summer days.

Each dock we build in Knoxville or the surrounding areas is unique in its design beginnings. With literally hundreds of docks and boathouses designed over the years, we will be able to quickly and efficiently design the right plan for you. The possibilities are limitless. Our unique structural designs are more than cosmetic embellishments; they are an integral part of the structural integrity of each and every boathouse we build. Your dock will need to withstand natures natural forces. We design with this in mind, starting with the foundation.

The foundation is the key to a sturdy and long-lasting structure. Every lake bottom is different: some are sand, some are muck or mud, some are hard pan or even rock. We use the equipment that best suits the situation. Whether it be high pressure water jets, pneumatic pile driving or drilling through rock to get that secure footing, we can do it all.

Our design team will work with you to ensure that your dream dock comes to life. We use the finest materials in order to guarantee that Mother Nature does not ruin the fun under the sun!

As expert Knoxville dock builders, Decks Of America offers nothing but the best when it comes to your marine construction needs. We always strive for perfection, which is why we provide only superior craftsmanship using the highest quality materials; we confidently stand behind our work. And as avid boaters ourselves, we know that the possibilities are endless for water recreation and build docks that will allow you to enjoy your backyard and boat as much as possible.

At Decks Of America, we are constantly looking for the best ways to serve our customers and create the best designs to fit their needs.

Need A Boat Dock In Knoxville?

We offer a large variety of pre-designed looks for you to choose from; however, if you want something unique, we can happily create a custom design just for you. No matter if you use your backyard primarily for entertaining guests, fishing, or for storing your boat; our dock builders in Knoxville TN will take your needs into account and create the perfect addition to your yard.

Not only will we design your new addition exactly how you wish, but we’ll add whichever accessories you need. When you come to the best dock builders in Bradenton to build your custom backyard marina, we will make sure it’s not only properly designed, but is attractive and has all of the amenities you need.

If you live in an area of frequent high levels of water change, maybe you would prefer a floating dock; if your backyard waterway has a lot of boat traffic we can even add bumpers to the side of the wood to protect your watercraft from being damaged. It’s possible to add either a lift or cleats to tie up at, in order to ensure that your boat will be safe in any type of weather. In addition to all of these, we also offer slipcovers and canopies to protect your watercraft from the harsh Florida sun.

Our boat dock builders in Knoxville TN can add a multitude of different light fixtures, ladders, and gangways to reduce the chance of injury and keep your family as safe. Our lighting fixtures can be both in and out of the water, allowing you a spectacular underwater lighting effect, while still marking off the edge of the dock at night.


Fixed Docks

While constructing the fixed docks we will use only the best materials available out there. All these materials will be able to withstand rain and other natural elements and will serve you for many years to come. Our work will commence with the pilings which we will drive and then brace meticulously.

Floating Docks

The floating dock is yet another notable service which Decks of America offers to its clients as well. We will commence the project by building the dock’s frame according to the plan. Different types of frames can be used by us for doing so which might include wood and steel. Following this, the floats are going to be set up. After installing the floats, the structure will be floated in place.

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