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Have you been looking for the right Knoxville deck company to help you transform your outdoor living space.

Top Quality Custom Decks

A good deck should act as a natural extension of the home. Here at Decks of America, we place the thought and care into every custom deck we build to make sure that it’s absolutely everything you dream of. No matter what your home looks like, we can accent and even transform it with a custom deck that is made for you and you alone. With expertise in a wide variety of materials and design options, always tailored to your request, our custom decks ensure that you won’t feel limited in the options available for your new deck. Whether you want a rustic dark wood, a smooth light finish, or composite materials that minimize your maintenance efforts, Decks of America can build the deck of your dreams.

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Accent your design with anything from a classic railing to a smooth curve that maximizes space with grace. Are you planning on incorporating a fire pit or having a great place to grill? Our personal planning will ensure that nothing will have to look or feel like an afterthought. The craftsmanship and quality of construction that our professional deck builders offer is fully on par with the latest trends in building and maintaining decks.

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Custom Built Waterfront Docks

A dock be anything from a basic floating rectangle to a luxury personal paradise on the waterfront. Decks of America has the experience and know-how to make the dock of your dreams a reality, regardless of your budget or aspirations. Our highly personalized and customer-first experience will make sure you’re on board every step of the way, and you’ll find an end product that delivers exactly the dock you’ve always wanted.

Like with all of our work, we start with the foundation for docks. Although lake beds can be far more challenging than typical foundations, we’ll fully familiarize ourselves with the depth, composition, and challenges of your own lake bottom to make sure that the dock we build you offers the absolute best in security and longevity. The top-of-the-line quality of both the tools we use and materials we implement will ensure that, unlike some companies, we’re never having to resort to options that aren’t the best for your particular situation.

Of course, we also consider all the specifics of the plans you have for when building your boat dock. Outside of building it to the best measurements and accommodations for any boats or jet skis you might be planning to house, we also offer work in all the personalized touches that make your dock yours. From custom lighting to unique roofing to multi-level setups, we can provide as much or as little as you want. If you need something safe for children, we can customize the design with that kind of security as the prime concern. Whatever your priorities are, they’ll become ours as well.


Shade Pergolas & Arbors

Even if you’re not looking for a project as large or involving as a deck or a dock, we’re well-equipped to do the kind of precise work necessary to make a pergola or an arbor look beautiful as well as sturdy and functional. If you need lattice work for vines to crawl up and grow, or simply want a stylish sitting area for your backyard, we can accomplish your requests with affordable and efficient work.

We understand the importance of durability along with design, and offer materials for pergolas and arbors that will withstand inclement weather and the weight of plant growth without losing their attractive appearance or threatening long-term stability. Our commitment to quality still encompasses a wide variety of choices, so that you can join us in choosing and designing a construction that will complement your home or green space. Whether you’re looking for something understated that will let your plants take precedence or a structure that striking of its own accord, Decks of America can give you the pergola or arbor that fits your needs best.

Incorporating our lattice designs into a fence, existing sitting area, or pathway won’t be a problem. Not only can we accommodate pre-existing designs, but we can also make it seem as though your new pergola or arbor should have always been a part of your yard. If you have any questions about your personal situation, you can also feel free to contact us to hear directly from our experts, and get quick and professional feedback on any of your personal comments or concerns.


Wood & Metal Patio Coverings

Has rain or heat become a tiresome detractor to relaxing in your backyard patio or outdoor area? The individually designed patio covers offered by Decks of America are the perfect solution to transform your place to unwind without damaging what you already loved about it. Our covers are both sturdy and stylish, and custom-designed to fit your situation just like you want it. No matter what design you’re looking to match, we’ll make sure that our patio covers never look or feel out of place.

Does the idea of a wooden patio cover best maintain the charm and aesthetic of your home or sitting area? Our wooden covers do away with any disadvantages in quality and longevity that can come from cheaper wood materials while offering the wide variety of natural patterns and colors that you want to be able to choose from. Whether you want a solid roof to keep out the weather or an open lattice design to let in some sun or allow plants to flourish, our expertise covers all the options.

If the look and feel of a metal patio cover are more up your alleys, they won’t prove to be a challenge either. From sleek simplicity to industrial impressiveness, our metal options never sacrifice design or durability. You’ll never have to worry about maintenance, and our professional installation will take away the challenges that confront homeowners attempting to work with metal for renovations. Come rain, sun, or snow, our patio cover options will always keep you feeling comfortable and secure.

Why Choose Us

Our absolute highest priority with any custom deck we build is safety and security, and we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that every deck is architectural without compromise. Whether it’s a rooftop design or features multiple levels, complexity will never get in the way of a rock-solid foundation. With Decks of America, you can place your trust in professionals with years of industry-leading experience and know that you’re getting the best that both construction and design have to offer.

We Are Passionate

We love what we do, and our work shows it.


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On time, and on budget. Our deck builders work hard to get the job done right the first time on time.


We Are Always Improving

With many years of experience, we take great pride in our work. We strive to do outdo ourselves from one job to the next.

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